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"It was such a pleasure to give my young daughter such beautiful pads to use for her first menstrual cycle.  She felt special. I felt empowered to keep our land fills free of paper pads.  We have been using them now for three months and enjoy using  the regular sized pads. The smaller pads are great for light days. Thank you for your product.  It is beautiful, ecologically sound and we are very pleased."  


The beautiful fabric of Orethic pads is extremely soft and comfortable.  I feel so good knowing that I am part of the solution (using sustainable products) rather than part of the problem (using disposable pads). But most of all, I was surprised that what looks like a simple design works so perfectly that there were absolutely NO LEAKS even on my heaviest night.  What a joy to not have to worry about clothes or sheets or blankets needing to be washed or even thrown out! I will recommend this product to all of my friends, especially when it comes in the new packaging that is re-usable and a brilliant and fun design.


“I love my panty liners because they are so absorbent that you don't feel the humidity next to your body. Their cotton fabric makes them very soft and comfortable, contrary to the disposable ones with plastic that not only you can feel but even hear when moving around or waking”.


I am allergic to ALL disposable pads and I hate tampons. Orethic pads are the best I have ever used. NO skin irritation, NO itching, NO leaks, NO mess and NO waste. They last forever and are very easy to wash. I just toss them in with the socks and underwear.


My mum gave me some Orethic pads last year, and I love them! They are easy to use and wash, come in such a beautiful patterns and colours, and most importantly, they are so soft.

Thanks for producing such a great reusable pad -loving kindness for me, loving kindness for the environment.


“Wonderful and easy to use. So much care and concern goes into these products, definitely a winner. I recommend these for every woman”.


I love my Orethic pads and recommend them to all women. It feels great knowing I´m making a sustainable choice for both myself and the planet.


I would like to order another 6-pack of your wonderful pads. They have helped me connect with my menstrual cycle so much, I love wearing them, soaking them, feeding my tree with my blood and folding and storing them ready for next month.  They are a ritual in their own right!


I have something "funny" I want to relate to you. I bought 2 pads for my daughter. When I gave them to her, she was quite surprised and told me she won't use them. Never mind, keep them, I don't have use of them anymore, I told her. And then, a few weeks later, she phoned me: she had had her periods unexpectedly, and no pad in the house, no store opened... So she used your Orethic pads... And now she is fond of them, she will never use chemical pads again, and please mum, could you buy me others... So I'd like to buy more for her.


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