Our Story & Mission

Orethic LLC is a woman-owned family business run by Dolores Rubio-Turtle established in 2013 to serve primarily the US and UK markets. Building on the success of her first company, Bebés Ecológicos S.L. serving the Spanish and European market since 2002, Dolores decided to combine her textile and manufacturing experience with her passion for the environment and women's health.
The brand "Orethic" and its Spanish counterpart "Eco-Etico" offer a wide range  of children organic textile basics, unisex sanitary wear,  zero-waste household essentials, personal care and educational gifts.


Our Vision - Organic and Ethical!

To connect with others around the world to educate and inspire towards enlightened, non-harmful choices.

Our Mission

To maintain a socially-conscious small but international business, combining creativity in design, artistry in manufacture and the personal touch in delivery and service.

To make and distribute only products that are both practical and aesthetic and in keeping with our story, our brands, our values and vision.

To constantly create, research and promote ideas for waste avoidance and healthy living and to support the circular economy.

To combine sale of products with educational services and social projects.

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