Our Story & Mission

Orethic LLC is a woman-owned business as it is also her Spanish sister company, Bebés Ecológicos S.L. serving the Spanish and European market since 2002.
To provide ethical, practical and beautiful solutions to every day absorbency needs fearlessly dismantling taboos and affecting positive changes in consumer habits
to save trees and respect our planet.
Educator and pioneer of patented polyester-free eco-products, Dolores believes in our individual power to improve the world by thinking, speaking and acting positively. Her major life decisions (ethical banking, volunteering, home-birth, full-term breastfeeding, adoption, homeschooling, green business, meditation) come from her natural impulse for raising the level of societal consciousness and in the process, breaking taboos related to education, environment, health & feminine issues.
A tireless & fearless ambassador for the re-introduction of reusable commonsense alternatives in the face of self-serving commercial interests, she is also a woman's advocate and offers mum-daughter & women workshops to help restore the value of women as creators of future generations and world peace.


 Video credited to Channel 4, documentary Extraordinary Breastfeeding, published in the UK on 1st of Feb 2006

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