Why Orethic?

After years of selling different brands of washable diapers and sanitary pads, and seeing that they all used polyester (PUL or Nylon) for their water-proof layer, we set off on a mission to produce an inner layer POLYESTER-FREE that not only avoids man-made plastic materials, but also avoids allergies to people with extreme skin sensitivities. 

After about 10 years of research and development, we finally were able to patent in several countries our exclusive inner layer produced with the latest textile technology. Our textiles are certified organic, mostly fair trade and have MADE FOR HEALTH certification, a chemical safety certification that makes our range ideal for people with chemical sensitivities.


      • We use ethically sourced and fair trade textiles
      • We work with ISO certified suppliers for best quality 
      • Products are hand-crafted by highly skilled women in Spain
      • Zero waste packaging: re-usable sand paper box and Compostable bag
      • We promote re-using, discourage excessive consumption and contribute to educate new generations on sustainable living



Believe it or not, natural cotton comes in different of colours such as ecru, brown and green, so our Tierra collection pads are 100% naturally coloured and organic like the fabric they are made from!

We work with suppliers that supervise the whole production process from planting the seeds through to manufacturing our products, including fair trade cultivation and spinning. Everyone involved works cooperatively with the same vision: respect for the environment, growers and the people who use our designs.

Our patented polyester-free pads perfectly match the ultimate quality standard of the fabric we use. We have a firm commitment to caring as much as possible for our customer´s comfort and health. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification of the fabric confirms that our products are free-from chemicals and can safely be used by people with skin sensitivity or allergies.

Why organic cotton?

Conventional fabric goes through over 20 different finishing processes, all involving huge amount of water. This fabric only goes through one wash to remove vegetable fats derived from the weaving process. That´s all.

It´s a pure and biodegradable textile that follows the ´cradle to cradle´philosophy: born from the Earth where it returns after being used and completely decomposed.

Cotton free from dyes, toxics chemicals and carcinogens
It´s hypoallergenic and protects the skin from rashes, allergies and itching
Ideal for babies, people with skin disorders or those with delicate health
Perfect for people suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
Soft and comfortable
Highly breathable
Exceptional moisture absorption
Healthy for you and the Earth


Positive social impact
All farmers are the owners of the land on which they work. Nobody knows it better than they do. Their work follows biodynamic organic farming systems, in complete harmony with the environment, using only animal traction and no artificial irrigation methods. Cotton growing is alternated with other crops for their own use, avoiding the exploitation and desertification so typical of the conventional industry. The intention is to always use the same families and increase their numbers year after year to offer stability and avoiding price fluctuation.


What started with babies and diapers and followed with skin care products, today continues with women pads and other solutions for unisex incontinence issues. Our commitment to serve people and the planet guides us to offer high quality products with the best materials available using the latest textile technology to make it work in our busy lives of the 21st century.