How do they work?

Our Orethic pads with wings have snaps on both sides of the pad, simply wrap the pad around the underwear and snap the wings together.  For Orethic pads without wings, just place them over the underwear and you are ready to go. You may want to use well fitted underwear with those to make sure they stay in place.

 How do you wash them?

Rinse the fresh blood off with cold water, some people even use ice!, save the water full of nutrients for your plants if you wish, and just toss on the washing machine or wash by hand.

Our special super-absorbent inner layer helps with quick drying, but they can also go in your dryer at medium heat. Best of course is to dry on the line being sanitized by the sun.

How often do they need changing?

That depends on the day of your cycle of course, but our overnight size will do for the whole night and very heavy periods, however, both our medium and large pads can be worn for 3-4 hours without need for change during the day or night too.

How long will they last?

With proper care, our Orethic pads will serve you well for many years