Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. We respect and support compliance with internationally recognized human rights. We condemn child labor and respect the rights of children.

  2. We affirm and uphold equal opportunities and equal remuneration for work of equal value regardless of color, race, gender, age, nationality, social origin, handicap or sexual preference.

  3. We respect the political and religious convictions of our workforce as long as they are based on tolerance towards those of different beliefs and persuasions and do not advocate violence towards others.

  4. Our remuneration, benefits, working hours and vacation conform to the national or local standards. Any member of the workforce may raise complaint with the management without disadvantage if they believe they have been subject to unfair treatment or disadvantage in working conditions.

  5. Safety and well-being in the workplace always has first priority for us.

  6. Our ethos and founding principle has always been the protection of the environment. In designing, producing and distributing our products we commit to the preservation of our planet's natural resources and to the diversity of living species and we expect our suppliers and business partners to do the same. In particular, we support the circular economy and the zero-waste movement.

  7. We are committed to transparent and honest dealings and fair trade and business practices and expect the same of our workforce and business partners.

  8. We will not work with any supplier or business partner who has demonstrably failed to uphold any of these principles.

  9. We will not do business with suppliers unless they have a record of publicly and demonstrable commitment to the elimination of substances harmful to health or the environment both with regard to their workplaces and products.

  10. Complaints regarding possible breaches of these principles will be investigated at the highest level within the organization.