Siberian Cedar Spoon
Siberian Cedar Spoon

Siberian Cedar Spoon

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The Siberian cedar (Pinus sibirica) or Lebanese cedar (Cedrus libani) were created to store cosmic energy, it is not surprising that they have always been used to build temples. They grow in the most ecological and clean part of our planet and when its wood is properly treated - meaning no violence of any sort applied to the tree - and worked by skilled and loving hands, the objects made with it have that energy to share with whoever is using them.
If they reach 500 years and have not been used for the benefit of humans, the tree starts projecting a sound for three years and eventually - if it has not been used by human yet - starts burning up its own energy internally.
Bowl not included
Approx. Dimensions:
Small: 6.5"/15cm
Large: 8.5"/20cm