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Organic Cloth Pad Maternity

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This is a great absorbency pad which has been specially designed for after birth or incontinence. The design includes wings to attach to the underwear and they are also waterproof. 

The pad consist on several super-absorbent layers of organic cotton and our patented polyester-free inner layer that is water-proof and breathable. We have made it with naturally colored cotton to avoid any dies whatsoever. Our supplier actually grows the cotton in the three color varieties -green, brown and natural. Then the yarn  is made into this rich, absorbent and soft fabric for our pads. Knowing the material and the process of making the pads too, we can confidently say our that they are not likely to cause irritation to the skin.

Approx. Dimensions: Length: 36cm/14" Width (open): 20cm/8" 

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