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Eco Clutch Bag

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This clutch bag is a part of our practical and stylish collection of handmade accessories crafted from fine leather and recycled snack wrappers. They combine durable quality and craftsmanship with a colorful and attractive visual appeal. If you are looking for something that stands out from the crowd and gets you noticed this is for you.

Something unique for the socially conscious consumer; in addition to its zero-waste appeal, this is the gift with a difference that makes the difference, these products support a social project by training single mothers from the the most impoverished communities in Nicaragua. The project aims to offer these women dignified employment, flexibility to raise their families, and a chance to raise their self-esteem. 

Approx. Dimensions:

Beige and Red: 9.5'x5"x1.5"/24x13x3.5cm

Multi-Colored: 8.5"x6"x1.5"/22x15x3.5cm

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