"The ideal nappy" Talk by Dolores Rubio-Turtle

When: 1st of May 2019 

Where:  Vidar Parto en Casa C/ Maestro Gabriel, 8 Valencina de la Concepción, Sevilla, Spain

At the age 11 años, in 1975, while I was still a child I decided never to use disposable diapers with my future children. At the age of 37 I had my son Tristan in London and in 2005 we brought Cassia from China. I have never used disposables but I have used and sold many different cloth diaper systems (Australia, Canada, USA, England, Austria, Sweden...) And finally I got to my own conclusions of what it makes an ideal diaper if you are a busy persona, committed to the environment and concerned about the wellbeing of your family.

Besides using cloth diapers, I had a water birth, I did not vaccinate my children, I breastfed full term for 6 years, I homeschooled, I gave them a vegetarian diet and they had not TV nor screen access from 0-3 years of age.

 Download the PDF flyer here:



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