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Its thin appearance may be deceptive, but our sanitary pads are made with several internal layers of very absorbent organic cotton, plus a patented polyester-free built-in inner layer which is also water-proof and breathable. They are really soft and comfortable to wear too! The outside fabric may be 100% organic cotton or a combination of cotton and bamboo fabric, either one equally efficient.

Pads are sold individually or in multi-size packs. Choose your style and size depending on your needs. You can use small or super-thin panty-liners for the first or last days and medium, large or overnight for heavy flow, night time or incontinence.

When using a menstrual cup, it is also an alternative for the beginning of the cycle or nighttimes when to go with the flow is preferred.

Available in four sizes: Thong, Small, Medium, Large, and Overnight

Shipping outside USA: United Kingdom $4 rest of Europe $7


Approx. Dimensions: 

Small pad:

wings opened 7.75″ long x 5.75″ wide

wings snapped 7.75″ long x 2.25″ wide

folded:2.50″x 2.50″

Medium pad:

wings opened: 9″ long x 7.50″ wide

wings snapped: 9″ long x 3″wide

folded: 3.25″x 3″

Large pad:

wings opened: 11″ long x 7″ 3/4″ wide

wings snapped: 11″ long x 3″ 1/4″ wide

folded: 3.50″x 3″

Overnight pad:

wings opened: 13″ long x 9″ wide

wings snapped: 13″ long x 4″ wide

folded: 4.50″x 4″

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