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Orethic natural Sponge Tampons - Orethic.com
Orethic natural Sponge Tampons - Orethic.com

Orethic natural Sponge Tampons

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These natural sponges have been carefully selected to be used as a menstrual product. Besides being practical and ecological, they do not interfere with the natural fluids our bodies and only absorb what the body is naturally let go. For millennia, sea sponges have been used by women in ancient costal cultures for their monthly needs.

Like all cycles in nature -day and night, the seasons, ebb and flow of tides, the waxing and waning of the moon- the menstrual cycle in women is also a natural cycle worth respecting and honoring. It is a very useful source of knowledge about ourselves and an excellent indicator of our overall state of health. Try a sponge as a healthier alternative to disposable polluting products.


Sponges shaped to used as a re-usable menstrual product. If you are not sure of the size you need and even if you are, it is advisable to use them in combination with our Orethic re-usable panty-liners for extra-protection until you grow confidente with your sponges.

1. Please check and clean your sponge before first use. This is just a precaution since they have been inspected before packing them.

2. Wet and squeeze water before introducing it with your own fingers or a reusable applicator. It should feel comfortable, even unnoticeable. If this is not the case, you may need to trim it to your perfect size.

3. Take it out as often as needed, rinse throughly and re-use for months or even years if combined with Orethic re-usable menstrual pads.

4. Between cycles, you can disinfect them in warm water with any of these natural products: 1Tbsp of apple vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, Orethic tea tree or Colloidal silver


Sponges are often used to treat candida (yeast) infections and as a form of contraception along with a spermicide. They can also be used during intercourse,  but make sure they are thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

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