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Authentic amber from the Baltic Sea contains iodine, well known natural remedy for teething, earache, mumps, pertussis, asthma... The Greeks call amber ELECTRON since it is actually a conductor of electricity therefore offering protection from electromagnetic fields. Amber has also the ability to store and transmit vibrations from mum to baby making them feel protected and calmed.

The hardened resin of ancient trees is a fossil in itself. The trees oozed the sticky resin as a defensive barrier against damage by insects, disease, or storms. But the oldest inclusions are 130 million years old. The world's largest deposits lie along Europe's Baltic Sea where Orethic baby and mum necklaces come from. Many mothers and midwives recommend these necklaces after many positive experiences with them.

The plastic fake amber is very common, so please request certificate of origin with purchase. Our products have Origin Certification and have passed all the European safety standards for childrens' products.

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